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12 May 2013by Admin

New product and services: ID printing service with high security features embedded with a high technology online system packed in one package.

HIGH SECURITY: The ID Data is encrypted and our system can only decrypt its data. We used all kind of ID Technology like 2D Barcodes, Magnetic Stripe, Contact Contactless ID, RFID, Biometrics and Face Recognition.

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Scalable cloud servers for your apps and databases. Our cloud servers are clustered, scalable, performance based servers that power the most agressive appolications to date. Upgrade your applications with performance that your users will instantly notice.

Cloud web hosting is hands-down the best hosting solution out there; shared hosting is an outdated legacy platform. With the evolution of technology, Windows cloud hosting is now not only accessible and affordable for all types of businesses, but is really the only way to go. The shared hosting options that are so prevalent are now obsolete.

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We specialize in affordable web solutions anywhere from small business and corporate informational website. 

Whether you’re starting a complete new brand identity, or refining an existing website, our team of professional web designers and web developers are dedicated to assist you personally throughout the entire process from start to finish.

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About i-WebTech Solutions

i-Web Tech Solutions specializes in website designing, hosting, content management system, internet and intranet web application development, customize web application, id designing and production, id system and IT consultancy. We are committed to customer satisfactory. Our company vision is “to provide our client internet and intranet web solutions to compete in quickly evolving global markets and innovate the way of accessing information for better global communication.


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